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Dunedin Airport (DUD)

We're located in the terminal building at Dunedin Airport. Once you have your luggage, exit the terminal through the main doors directly in front of the info desk. Once outside, turn left and follow the footpath to the rental car building. Inside you will see the GO Rentals counter on your right.

Location Services

  • You can save time at the counter when you activate Accelerated Check-in online. Just provide your driver's license and contact information that are normally collected at pick-up and we will be ready when you arrive. You'll be on the road and on vacation before you know it!

  • Unavailable at this location

    Skip the rental counter lines and check-in directly by using Alamo's touch-screen kiosk. Check-in using the kiosk and a receipt-sized rental agreement is printed. You'll be directed to your rental car on the lot. At the exit booth, show the booth agent your rental agreement and driver's license - and simply drive away.

  • Unavailable at this location

    No need to visit the counter or kiosk. You can go straight to your car!

    In order to take advantage of this optional free service, you'll need to activate Accelerated Check-in online then choose the 'Skip the Counter' option. You will be required to confirm your protection options, agree to the Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions and enter a valid credit card (no charge is made until you return your vehicle). Simply print your rental agreement to bring with you, and you are all set! Go directly to your car, show the booth agent your rental agreement and driver's license - and get on the road!

  • Unavailable at this location

    After Hours Pick-up:

    Picking up your vehicle after the location closes is easy with Alamo. After Hours Pick-Up might require you follow a few additional steps, which you'll see in your confirmation email.

    After Hours Return:

    Returning your vehicle after the location closes is easy with Alamo. We'll tell you where to park it; just drop the keys in the dropbox and you're on your way!

Rental Policies

  • Each additional driver is charged at a flat fee per day of NZD 5.00 which excludes GST. The fee is capped at 6 days.
    For National bookings additional drivers are included

  • When you enter the airport, follow the airport signs for "Rentals" and "Rental Cars".
    Drive into the reserved Rental Cars carpark and simply park in any of the signposted Alamo/National/Enterprise parking spaces.
    Lock the car and return the key to the Alamo/National/Enterprise counter inside the Terminal building.
    If unattended, please put the key in the key drop box.

  • Minimum driver age is 21 years old. There is no maximum age, however drivers under 25 years old will only be able to reduce their damage liability to 340.00 NZD (excluding GST).
    A young driver surcharge of 13.00 NZD per day, which excludes GST, applies to all Drivers aged between 21-24 years old.
    Drivers between 21-24 years of age are restricted to vehicle classes Economy, Compact, Intermediate, and Standard only.
    All drivers must have held their license for a minimum of one year. If any driver is on a probationary license there is an additional Probationary License Fee of 20.00 NZD per day, which excludes GST.

  • The Renter must not use the Vehicle outside the Permitted Area of Use. If the renter takes the Vehicle outside the Permitted Area of Use their Liability for any loss or damage will increase and any optional damage waiver selected void.

    Vehicles may not be driven above the snow line from June to October, on beaches, in watercourses or rivers.

    "Permitted Area of Use" means the area in which the Vehicle may be driven. The Permitted Area of Use is limited as described on our Terms and Conditions.

    Parts of New Zealand are not suitable for access by rental vehicles. You must not take the Vehicle:

    (i)                  Off road; means any area not a legally designated public road
    (ii)                on Unsealed roads; means a legally designated public road, that is formed but not sealed with a hard materials such as bitumen, asphalt or concrete (Unless ULDL is purchased)
    (iii)               to Snow areas; means any area were snow or ice is present on the ground or any area where it is recommended or required that snow chains are fitted to any vehicle(unless Snow Cover is purchased)
    (iv)              between the North and South Islands in either direction or on to any island other than mainland New Zealand's North or South Islands. Will change with one-way-rental policy development-note to us
    (v)                through any river, creek, ford,  stream, flood areas or tidal crossings
    (vi)              on the following roads: Ball Hutt (Mt Cook), Skippers Canyon (Queenstown), 90 Mile Beach (Northland) and the coast road to Russell (Northland)
    (vii)             on all roads north of Colville on the Coromandel Peninsula, the Tapu to Coroglen road(all parts east of Rapaura Gardens), the 309 road from Coromandel to Kairnarama and the Blackjack Road from Kuatuna and Opito and Lake Waikarimoana Rd State Highway 38 (Central North Island)
    (viii)           or on the following highways in the South Island between the hours of 2200 and 0600 local time from April 1 until October 31; State Highway 6 and 8, between Twizel and Queenstown; The Milford Road between Te Anau and Milford Sound; State Highway 6 between Franz Joseph and Wanaka; or Arthurs Pass.

  • All vehicles rented come with a standard cover as below-

    Economy, Compact, Intermediate-Midsize, Standard, Full Size- 4,600.00 NZD including GST
    Compact SUV, Intermediate-Midsize SUV, Standard SUV, Full Size SUV, Full Size Elite, Premium, Premium Van- 5,750.00 NZD including GST

    Your Loss or Damage Liability - LDL is the amount payable by you in the event of loss or damage to the Vehicle even if you are not at fault. Your liability includes damage to the vehicle, damage to other vehicles, a Claims Administration Fee, loss of use, towing and more.  For a small daily fee you can reduce your damage liability. With the purchase of CDW Collision Damage Waiver you will only be liable up to the nominated liability for the cost of repair to your vehicle or any third parties vehicle or property.

    Economy, Compact, Intermediate-Midsize, Standard, and Full Size ranges from 24.00 NZD and 27.00 NZD depending on the rental location.

    Compact SUV, Intermediate-Midsize SUV, Standard SUV, Full Size SUV, Full Size Elite, Premium, and Premium Van ranges from 24.00 NZD and 30.00 NZD excluding GST per day depending on the rental location. Collision Damage Waiver reduces your damage liability to 340.00 NZD excluding GST.

    If another person has caused the damage, Alamo-Redspot will attempt to recover all costs from that person or his-her insurer. The amount paid by you towards damage liability will be refunded to you to the extent Alamo-Redspot is successful in recovering all costs.
    Where the Vehicle is hired from a remote Location and driven between sunset and sunrise outside a city province, and loss or damage is the result of a single vehicle accident the renter will be liable for all losses incurred.

  • One way drop fees apply for all valid one-way rentals in New Zealand.

    In the event that the renter returns the vehicle to a location that differs from the one noted on the original rental agreement, then Redspot Car Rentals reserves the right to charge a relocation fee based on the KM distance table below.

    From 01 KMS - To 50 KMS - Charges excluding GST NZD 46.00
    From 51 KMS - To 250 KMS - Charges excluding GST NZD 287.50
    From 251 KMS - To 500 KMS - Charges excluding GST NZD 575.00
    From 501 KMS - To 750 KMS - Charges excluding GST NZD 920.00
    From 751 KMS+ - Charges excluding GST NZD 1,500.00 (max charge)

  • The car will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. Customers must return the car with a full tank or refuelling charges of 12.5 percent will apply.

  • Customers must present a full and valid driving licence that has been held for at least one year. An International driving licence/permit is not required.

  • A valid credit card or debit card must be provided for all rentals. For payments we accept all major credit cards, debit cards and cash and for deposits we only accept all major credit cards, we do not accept debit cards or not cash. Charges for options and coverage must be settled at the commencement of the rental together with a deposit (bond). The credit card holder is listed as the hirer and must be present at the time of rental commencement. The credit card deposit by way of authorization is NZD 200.00.

    A credit card fee of 2.5% applies and is applicable to all rental charges excluding the deposit bond; including any optional items purchased and damage liability charges. There is no refund of credit card surcharges.

    Union Pay Cards:
    Unfortunately, the rental location cannot accept a card branded only by Union Pay. The rental location accepts Visa and MasterCard with Union Pay logo on the card.

  • Alamo rental locations do not provide direct Roadside Assistance to the customer. The assistance is provided by MSS on behalf of Alamo.  This service is available 24-7 by calling 0800 44 00 66 within the country of rental. If the customer is found to be responsible for any damage to the rental vehicle; additional charges may apply.

  • We accept current New Zealand, International and overseas licences. Overseas licences that are not easily identifiable as a drivers licence must be accompanied by an International Licence or English translation. Valid driver's licence must be held for a minimum of 12 months.

  • In New Zealand there is no need for third party compulsory insurance (CTP) as there is a form of insurance scheme managed by the Accident Compensation Corporation (AA) which covers injuries caused by car accidents via a fund by levy that is paid as part of the motor vehicle registration fees. This scheme provides no fault cover, meaning that any person injured as a result of an accident is covered. This cover does not include property or damage to other vehicles. There is no fixed coverage limit per policy.

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